Unmet Clinical Need

Presymptom Health is developing 2 core clinical diagnostic tests and associated clinical decision support software products:

  1. To rule out the presence of infection
  2. To identify patients at low risk of clinical deterioration & sepsis
  3. Standard of diagnostic care for infection is slow and has poor Negative Predictive Value, sensitivity & specificity
  4. In secondary post-operative care,150M patients/year have uncertain infection status; delays appropriate care & results in >100M inappropriate antibiotic prescription
  5. 11M deaths/year from infection; care costs in US alone of $24bn
  6. Only 20% of the >30M US/EU admitted Suspicion of Sepsis patients progress to sepsis; opportunity to reduce infection admissions by up to 80%

The key difference between Presymptom tests and most current marketed tests is that we seek to identify the patient’s response (“host response”) to the disease as opposed to detecting the pathogen itself.


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