Presymptom Health is open to investment discussions to join us on our journey to build a revolutionary portfolio of COVID, sepsis and general acute care tests.

Current Position

Presymptom has secured a total of nearly £2M of private and public sector support to date from UKI2S, Ploughshare, Dept of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Defence Innovation Unit, and a strategic industrial sponsor.

The Clinical Need

Sepsis is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury and is associated with life-threatening organ dysfunction. The challenge with treating patients with sepsis is that by the time symptoms become present the patient is already very ill and mortality rates can exceed 50%.

Sepsis is a major public health challenge and associated treatment costs are also considerable.

  • Direct NHS cost of up to £2 billion.
  • Estimated 35 Million people per year with suspicion of sepsis are admitted to hospitals across major developed markets.
  • Annually, 49 Million people affected with 11 million deaths.
  • Sepsis, together with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, is the primary cause of death for COVID-19 patients.

Unique Solution

Presymptom was founded to exploit the intellectual property arising from a 10-year Ministry of Defence clinical discovery programme. This includes a unique presymptomatic 72,000 sample biobank and clinical outcomes database, together with a portfolio of presymptomatic tests for Sepsis that:

  • Can detect Sepsis up to three days before symptoms appear.
  • Are up to 90% accurate.
  • Have been developed from the largest study of its kind that involved 4,385 elective surgery patients.

Market Opportunity

The scale of the Sepsis problem is global.

  • Up to 250M tests/year associated with 49 million Sepsis diagnoses/year.
  • Imprecise diagnosis is a direct contributor to Antimicrobial Resistance, a public health crisis that is projected to kill 10 million patients/year by 2050.


Presymptom has initiated the development of its test portfolio with seed investments from Ploughshare and UKI2S. This funding will enable the development of our first pre-commercial diagnostic test prototypes and will deliver clinical validation in patients with Acute Lower Respiratory Tract and COVID-19 infections via our PRECISION trial and other cohorts.

Presymptom anticipates raising an additional £3-5M over 2023/24.

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