Presymptom Health is open to investment discussions to join us on our journey to build a revolutionary portfolio of COVID, sepsis and general acute care tests.

Current Position

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Raised to Date£200k – Ploughshare Innovations. View Press Release

The Clinical Need

Sepsis is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury and is associated with life-threatening organ dysfunction. The challenge with treating patients with sepsis is that by the time symptoms become present the patient is already very ill and mortality rates can exceed 50%.

Sepsis is a major public health challenge and associated treatment costs are also considerable.

  • Direct NHS cost of up to £2 billion.
  • Estimated 35 Million people per year with suspicion of sepsis are admitted to hospitals across major developed markets.
  • Annually, 49 Million people affected with 11 million deaths.
  • Sepsis, together with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, is the primary cause of death for COVID-19 patients.

Unique Solution

Presymptom was founded to exploit the intellectual property arising from a 10-year Ministry of Defence clinical discovery programme. This includes a unique presymptomatic 72,000 sample biobank and clinical outcomes database, together with a portfolio of presymptomatic tests for Sepsis that:

  • Can detect Sepsis up to three days before symptoms appear.
  • Are up to 90% accurate.
  • Have been developed from the largest study of its kind that involved 4,385 elective surgery patients.

Market Opportunity

The scale of the Sepsis problem is global.

  • Up to 250M tests/year associated with 49 million Sepsis diagnoses/year.
  • Imprecise diagnosis is a direct contributor to Antimicrobial Resistance, a public health crisis that is projected to kill 10 million patients/year by 2050.


Presymptom has initiated the development of its test portfolio with a seed investment from Ploughshare Innovations. This funding will, over six months, enable the development of our first pre-commercial diagnostic test prototypes and will deliver proof of concept clinical testing in COVID-19 patients.

Presymptom Health is seeking up to £2M over two years to develop its clinical diagnostic test portfolio and reach several key value inflection points. We are targeting first product registration by early 2022 and first commercial revenue within 18 months.

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