Presymptom Health is open to investment discussions to join us on our journey to build a portfolio of host-response-based infectious disease and sepsis decision support tools.

Current Position & Market Strategy

Presymptom has secured private and public sector support to date from UKI2S, Ploughshare, Dept of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Defence Innovation Unit, together with in-kind support from a strategic industrial partner.

Presymptom has developed prototypes of its two core tests, which are under active evaluation in the company‚Äôs portfolio of clinical trials. Products are being developed to the ISO 13485 Medical devices — Quality Management Systems standard.

The company will pursue a hybrid market development strategy for its products comprising deployment on several open and closed clinical PCR systems already widely deployed in clinical settings. Open systems are available for 3rd party test development (as with Apps on an iPhone), while development on closed systems in generally conducted in collaboration with platform sponsors. The recent COVID pandemic led to a substantial increase in the deployment of such systems, which are also used to run routine clinical testing.

Presymptom is currently seeking additional seed investment in 2023, which will be used to complete its ongoing clinical trials, secure first market approval for its products in 2025 and prepare the company for a Series A round.

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