Presymptom Health

Presymptom Health is a pioneering medtech company that creates diagnostic tests to detect illnesses earlier to help save lives.

Presymptom Health was established in 2019 to apply cutting edge machine learning and AI analytics to derive insights from a fully-annotated 72,000-sample biobank to detect infection and sepsis in patients up to three days before symptoms appear.

Presymptom is focused on the development of clinical diagnostic tests and associated clinical decision-support software to rule out the presence of infection and sepsis. The company’s tests currently in development will:

  • Identify patients who don’t require hospital admission
  • Delay and/or avoid entirely the use of antibiotics for patients with symptoms of infection
  • Put inpatients on optimal care pathway and imnprove clinical outcomes
  • Mitigate the public health crisis of Anti Microbial Resistance

The company’s products, which focus on host response assessment, have been discovered and are being tested in clinical trials collectively encompassing over 6,000 patients across 7 studies in support of fulfilling Presymptom’s vision of delivering high-impact tests for use at both point-of-care and within central laboratory settings.

Presymptom will secure first regulatory clearance for its products in 2025.

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5 June 2024

The Role of AI in tackling sepsis and AMR

Dr Iain Miller (Presymptom Health) and Dr Mark Gostock (Ploughshare) talk about the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in the early diagnosis of sepsis and in reducing antimicrobial resistance. Read the full article in the June 24 issue of the Clinical Services Journal.

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21 March 2024

MoD spin-out Presymptom Health raises £1.5m to develop AI-driven sepsis and infection tests for the NHS

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14 February 2024

Presymptom Health joins government pilot to get AI-driven infection test into the NHS faster, helping tackle Anti-Microbial Resistance

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20 September 2023

Sepsis Screening Tools ‘Inadequate’ – The Independent

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8 September 2023

Race Against Antibiotic Resistance

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